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Welcome to Toro's Dog Training Academy, LLC

Toro's Dog Training Academy specializes in unique age-appropriate day training programs that you cannot find anywhere else. Our main programs provide dogs the opportunity to not only have their training goals met but to also receive appropriate socialization, exercise and mental enrichment. We also offer standard private sessions, field trips, online courses and special offers for existing clients. 

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Toro’s Dog Training Academy, LLC was created with the goal of building something that was not being offered anywhere else. After a few years of professionally training, it was clear to me that the standard 4–6-week private session packages were not successful for many owners. Between full time jobs, kids, multiple pets, and busy lives many owners found it challenging to commit so much time to training, exercising and socializing their dogs. Toro’s Dog Training Academy is designed specifically for busy owners to not only help meet training goals, but also exercise, socialize and maintain training. Our programs ensure that your dog’s needs are being met so that their training can be long-lasting. We offer a variety of long-term programs that include transportation, walks, hikes, enrichment opportunities and of course, training.  


Please head over to our contact form for more information and to schedule. 

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