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Why Choose Our Programs? 

When owners first hire a trainer, they are typically expecting their dog to learn how to behave in a specific context. This can include settling in the house, not being so destructive, being more behaved on walks or not rushing out the front door. However, what most dog owners do not consider is that with every single training goal there are steps that must be taken for long-term success. The first step is always meeting your dogs needs. What does this mean? Well, we need to provide appropriate stimulation, not too much and not too little. We also need to provide appropriate exercise, not too much and not too little. Many owners struggle finding the balance with their dogs to both be able to meet these needs and take the time to train out bad behaviors. A simple walk in the neighborhood a few times a week and a play session in the yard is not enough for most dogs. However, frequent trips to the dog park or constant playtimes and activities can be extremely overstimulating and can delay training success. 


Ultimately, what is missing in the pet-care industry is experienced, knowledgeable people to get your dog out to socialize appropriately with their environment, exercise and get enrichment. All while not allowing them to continue bad behaviors and assist in training new more productive behaviors. This is where Toro’s Dog Training Academy comes in! 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my dog listen to me if the trainer does all the work? My job is to build a STRONG reinforcement history with your dog so that your job is made much simpler. Instead of having to teach brand new behaviors, you will simply have to work to upkeep them. If you follow through with the basic guidelines, your dog will have long-term success with both you and the trainer.

  • Why do I need to have a consultation before starting? The consultation is vital to ensure we pick the right program for you and your dog. We will also discuss how to maintain training at home, what we will need to work on and why, and how to best manage situations with your dog when needed. 

  • Where does training take place? In your home, neighborhood, and at local parks and pet-friendly stores. In certain situations, your pup may also go back to the trainer’s home. Day train sessions are about more than just training, meaning your dog will get regular walks, hikes, playtimes etc. as part of their program.

  • Does the owner need to be present for training? No, this program is designed to get your dog out while you’re out of the house /working. However, the owner can jump in on some sessions if they are available and choose to do so. In general, our trainer will work with your dog for their allotted time and keep you updated via text and email (photos and videos will be provided especially in situations where WHAT I am doing needs to be explained/showed). 

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