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Training Foundations

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Learn all about what it takes to begin training a dog! In this self-paced program you will learn how to ensure your dog is getting what they need to thrive. Topics include how to use food in training, keeping up with your dogs physical and mental needs, management, proper socialization, genetics and much more! This program is comprised of Powerpoint's, worksheets, and homework assignments meant to get you and your pup on the right track in your training journey. This program is great to pair with classes and sessions with your trainer or to do on it's own. I also highly recommend taking this course prior to purchasing or adopting your new furry family member. Along with receiving a ton of helpful information about training, you will also get 24/7 access to me! I encourage online course participants to email me with questions, concerns, ideas etc. to further be able to help them succeed in their dog's training! This course is designed for dogs of ALL AGES!

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